Product Copywriting

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Battle Shots
In this adult twist on a classic game, you call the shots to guess where your opponent is hiding their battle fleet. The only difference is that with this game, you also DRINK the shots. Challenge your friends to a battle of the bourbons, a fight of the tequila flights, or simply sink 'em to drink 'em with any favorite beverage.

Geode Bar Set
Explore earth’s finest cocktails with this geode-inspired bar set. Like any savvy geologist, you’ve got your gear ready for the journey ahead—straight into ladies night! Complete with a shaker, jigger, strainer and bar spoon, this set has everything you need for home happy hour or a fabulous gift.

Nordic Knit Flask
Party in the Viking spirit—with whatever spirit you want. Now you can bring your flask with you on the open seas, into the villages, and in your back pocket at house parties with shaky drink options. “Skol!”

Noelle™ Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle
Fashion meets function with this stylish tea kettle by Pinky Up®! The Noelle™ Kettle features glossy mint ceramic glazing and a trendy rose gold metallic base. Includes 1.5L capacity with easy on/off switch. Boiling water has never been this chic.

Stemless Wine Tumbler, 20 oz (says “Yay” on it)
Make every day feel like Fri-YAY with this stemless wine tumbler. With a roomy 20 ounces for your favorite red, white, or rosé, you’ll have plenty to celebrate.

Stemless Wine Tumbler, 30 oz (says “Mama needs a drink” on it)
Mama is ready for a glass of wine—maybe one that holds an entire bottle. With this 30 oz wine tumbler, mom can unwind with her favorite red, rosé, or classic cougar chardonnay. 

Stemless Wine Tumbler, 20 oz (says “Fierce” on it)
She’s incredibly fierce… and incredibly thirsty. Her wine glass is anything but little. Celebrate big personalities and big glasses of wine with this fabulous stemless tumbler.