Taste Your Way Through Pike Place Market

Strolling through Seattle’s legendary public market is a rich sensory experience—even if you don’t buy anything. Smell the fresh flowers, see the flying fish, and enjoy free samples of some of the city’s finest foods. 

The bustling market atmosphere is a visual feast all itself, with vibrant seasonal colors and an equally colorful crowd of tourists and locals. While you venture through the vendors, you’ll see many of them gladly offering tastes to intrigue shoppers. Whether you’re ready to buy or just want to take notes for future shopping, you can enjoy a tasting tour on the cheap! 

Free samples at the market include:

Fresh seasonal fruit

These are at almost every produce stand! Look for a friend face handing out samples of ripe fruit like peaches, pears, or oranges.

Beecher’s Cheese 

Seattle’s favorite cheesemaker offers bites of cheese inside the store. No need to wait in the long line for the cafe food—you can simply pop in and grab a bite of fresh cheese curds or their famous flagship flavor.

Smoked fish

Taste some of the best smoked salmon in the world at the main fish market—for free! The employees are known for their quick jokes and friendly service. However, they’re also known for throwing fish through the air likes footballs, so be ready to duck! 

Dried fruit

Directly across from the fish market is a vendor with the most delicious dried fruit in the city. Choose from cinnamon-spiced Washington apples, perfectly (un)sweetened mangos, or the dense and delectable dried apricots.  

Hot sauces, local wines, and dipping oils can also be found as you make your way through the stands.