Ballard Farmers’ Market


When: Sundays 10am-3pm

Where: 22nd Ave NW 

I’ve long heard that the Ballard Farmer’s Market was the best in town. I shrugged it off, thinking that once you’ve been to one Sunday market you pretty much know the drill. But after finally seeing this one for myself, I can tell you the rumors are true.

Why it’s awesome

It’s big, so you have a lot more variety than most Sunday markets. This means that you’ll have more vendors selling the basics of produce so you can choose your favorite farm, but you can also choose from more ready-made food options (hello   Ramen and Tacos!) and novelty items like Christmas wreaths.


Pro tip

Ideally try to give yourself at least an hour of you want to get the full experience and see all the vendors. And you’ll want to come hungry.  

Meili Cady