Featured: Earth, Wind, and Fire Yoga


Why it’s awesome

To start, the studio is beautiful in its simplicity. The  practice room is a long, white-walled rectangle with minimal design elements, save for windows and three gold symbols painted with symmetrical precision at the front of the room. Large windows sit on either side of the symbols, and a tree stands so close to the building that it looks like it’s trying to reach in to say hello. The leaves on the tree change with the season and add to the grounded, peaceful vibes.

The classes are unique in two notable ways: The music and the freedom to move as you like. 

The music doesn’t follow a traditional playlist, but rather stays closer to the vein of its namesake, playing a classic rock and folk-heavy variety that includes Bob Dylan and The Beatles. They’ll mix it up with some Justin Timberlake or Alanis Morissette just to keep you guessing. 

Cients are encouraged to interpret the instructions  as they like, and you’ll never get the stink eye from an instructor if you modify the moves to suit your preference.


Pro tips

The first class is free, as if there aren’t enough reasons to love this place.

The studio is right next to Araya’s Thai, so if you come in for an afternoon or evening class you might want to pop in for a bite after.